TAC-Group Pte Ltd offers a comprehensive range of membership management services tailored to support the growth of your association's membership base. Leveraging our advanced systems, we efficiently maintain and organize your membership records while delivering real-time reports on membership statistics to keep you well-informed.


Through our strategic methodology, adept coordination of strategy sessions, and in-depth stakeholder analysis, complemented by our team's resolute and steadfast support, we are poised to propel your association towards progress. With a foundation of expertise and a wealth of experience, we assist you in penetrating new markets and refining your business strategies. This concerted effort culminates in unlocking your association's full potential, encompassing membership expansion, financial advancement, and enduring stability.


We stand prepared to collaborate with associations that harbor a fervent interest in offering training, accreditation, or certification services to their members or the broader industry. Our partnership endeavors span a wide spectrum, encompassing consultancy services aimed at aiding associations in establishing their own accreditation or certification frameworks. Furthermore, we are open to collaborative initiatives that involve the establishment of training institutions and academies, fostering a shared commitment to knowledge and skill enhancement within the industry.


Our association management teams extend comprehensive day-to-day administrative support, complemented by hands-on guidance for your executive board regarding governance, programme implementation, and operational aspects. With our executive leadership services, we contribute to enhancing your reputation and fostering optimal efficiency and productivity within your society.


Harnessing the expertise garnered over years of dedicated service, our specialized team is poised to lead initiatives and craft strategies aimed at amplifying public awareness for your desired cause. By elevating its significance on the priorities of decision-makers, policymakers, as well as potential sponsors and benefactors, we endeavor to propel your cause to the forefront of their attention.


Amid the current financial landscape, characterized by sponsors' efforts to curtail expenditures, sponsorship and fundraising emerge as pivotal factors in an association's triumph. Nurturing relationships with sponsors demands unwavering commitment and ongoing initiatives. Drawing upon our seasoned experience and deep-rooted industry affiliations, we extend our support to associations and committees, aiding them in fostering connections with prospective sponsors and cultivating relationships founded on mutual benefit.

Our vigilance in tracking industry trends, product launches, release schedules, and clinical trials empowers us to offer insights that matter. We meticulously craft compelling sponsorship packages encompassing a spectrum of cost-effective options and viable alternatives. Furthermore, our involvement extends to assisting associations in conceiving projects and initiatives that resonate with sponsors.

Armed with proficiency in grant procedures, an astute comprehension of industry regulations, and an extensive network, TAC Group is primed to not only meet but surpass your sponsorship and fundraising aspirations.


We alleviate financial burdens for associations by meticulously managing their finances with an unwavering commitment to transparency and professionalism. Provided by our subsidiary company - TAC Solutions Pte Ltd, our approach entails furnishing our clients with secure online access to financial data, complemented by regular updates and a channel for open communication. Every financial transaction undergoes meticulous recording and documentation under the watchful eye of our proficient accounting department. The result is the preparation, review, and timely provision of precise financial reports as and when needed.