Empowering the Trade Associations & Chambers (TAC)

TAC-Group Pte Ltd stands as one of the foremost Association Management Companies (AMCs) in Singapore and Malaysia. Presently, the company represents a consortium of trade associations as their secretariat and partner specializing in various sectors, including but not limited to the built environment, food & beverage and tourism industries.

Driven by its mission to empower Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) through sustainable practices and innovative developmental models, the company is committed to delivering unwavering secretariat services and governance and event support. This commitment plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day administration of the associations it serves.

With a rich history of two decades in event management, conference production, and the formulation of internationalization initiatives by its founder, TAC-Group boasts a profound expertise that enables it to strategically guide its associations in designing activities that align with the evolving needs of their industries.

In recent years, TAC-Group has extended its influence into diverse industry segments by establishing four subsidiaries, each serving as a robust support pillar to further fortify its core objective of empowering trade associations and chambers. These subsidiary companies include:


TAC Management Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAC-Group. Inheriting the key objectives set by the Group, TAC Management currently serves three associations in Malaysia as its secretariat office. The associations are (1) Malaysia Speciality Coffee Association, (2) Malaysian Interior Industry Partners Association and (3) Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association.


TAC Solutions Pte Ltd was established in year 2020 during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic with the purpose of providing bulk ordering solutions for the members to help lessen their cost. Following which, the company evolves into a trading company which helps locate the necessary products or services which are highly sought after by the members in the association the Group services.


TAC Advance Pte Ltd was registered with the main objective of partnering associations in advancing the skillsets, training curriculums, accreditation, and product certification aspects the work undertaken by the various TACs the group services. The company is currently supporting the ASEAN Coffee Institute and Singapore Interior Design Academy where it spearheads the education and training programmes for the respective industry working with guidance from the associations. In addition to this, TAC Advance is also the partner to the Singapore Water Fittings Registration & Information Systems (WFRIS) which is joint programme by the Singapore Sanitary Ware Importers & Exporters Association together with PUB.


TAC Connects Pte Ltd is the digital and technology software development subsidiary of TAC-Group. The company develops its in-house Association Management System (AMS).

Connects® is an Association Management software which makes running of the day-to-day administrative work of association a breeze. Coupled with event management, membership management, accounting tools etc., the software is one of the first Singapore developed software programmes that is dedicated to non-profit organisations and societies on a commercially available basis.


TAC Management Sdn. Bhd.

TAC Solutions Pte Ltd

TAC Advance Pte Ltd

TAC Connects Pte Ltd